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Mantis Chair

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Three-legged bent plywood chair with leather, velvet, or wool upholstered seat and back. This chair is sometimes also called the "Smiling Chair," for the gracefully curved seat which invites you to take a seat in total comfort. Designed with simple, clean lines so characteristic of modern design and handcrafted with care, this beautifully balanced chair is an icon of Danish design even today. 

Colour and Material Combinations:

  • Leather:¬†Walnut veneer/Black¬†
  • Velvet:¬†Walnut veneer/Sapphire, Painted black veneer/Black¬†
  • Wool:¬† Walnut veneer/Black, Ash veneer/Parchment, Painted black veneer/Black, Walnut veneer/Charcoal¬†


Depth: 32"
Width: 36"
Seat height (at back of chair): 10.25"
Seat height (at front of chair): 15"
Height: 29"